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Debbie Curtis
The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band

Hi, I'm Debbie Curtis, I've been a musician all my life!

My Dad taught me piano from age 4, both of my parents were successful in the music industry, my Dad was a well known Trombone Player, Big Band Leader and Music Arranger and my Mum was a singer working with all the big TV and Radio acts of the time.

As a child, I was surrounded by musicians & entertainers, so my influences are extremely varied. Our house, and next door, who were also musicians, was often full of people playing instruments and making all kinds of music.

What I was oblivious to at the time though, was that a great many of these people were extremely famous! I look back now and think 'wow' but as a child it just seemed the norm.

As I entered my teens I started forming bands and playing music with friends from school, the usual sort of thing. I was concentrating on piano and keyboards, writing and singing, and the guitar was then secondary as an instrument. My first band 'Platinum Blonde' was great fun and we gigged regularly. Perhaps best of all was recording my first album with them, and helping us out on guitar and providing the studio, was the Late, Great, Alvin Lee of 'Ten Years After' he made every guitar he picked up sing, no matter what the quality of the instrument!

I quickly became frustrated with the usual 'pop' type band problems and decided to go solo. My manager built me a home studio, and I wrote and recorded using electronic sequencers & drum computers etc. but I found this too lonely and ended up bringing in other musicians to record and had a separate backing band for live work. It's stayed that way pretty much since, although I now have regular musicians who I work with both in the studio and for gigs. The big difference now is that the guitar has become my main instrument.

As a solo artist I have recorded and released with 'Debbie Curtis & The Gangsters of The Groove' and more recently 'Debbie Curtis & D-Ranged' as well as of course, The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band. I also ran a pop orchestra for children 'The Cool Curzon Cafe Orchestra' which released 7 CD's over time, it was designed to give them a reason to remain interested in learning to play an instument and it was a lot of fun! I had to stop the CCCO after about 3 years as I just couldn't find the time within my own career to continue it!

I find the guitar more interesting to play than the piano or keyboards and I've approached it from the angle that as a female, I need to play it like a bloke to get any respect!

When my Dad died, I literally inherited his Big Band Swing Orchestra, although terrified at first, I'm now most at home, musically speaking here. I love the live sound of a Big Band, it's huge, especially as the musicians are all immensely talented & experienced professionals. Although it's a very different style of singing and dress code for that matter, I really enjoy it! I am also intrigued by the history of Big Band Swing, the Band Leaders and the musicians. I've built up a large collection of books on the subject and am constantly looking out for more! I felt privelidged to be asked to write a chapter for the National History Press on Big Band & Dance Band History for a book titled ' A Re-Enactors War'!

After music, my next big love is Animals, I currently have 7 cats, 2 horses, 2 Tortoise and 4 Turtles! The cats are great because of their independent attitude, I like that! The horses are quite different, powerful and yet gentle, intelligent yet daft, oh but they're expensive to keep! It's worth it though! I have a field with stables just minutes up the road from where I live and its a home from home, I've made sure of that with an old caravan equipped with a kettle, there's also the BBQ, a summerhouse and all that sort of thing! Many a great day has been spent there with friends and family.

I became very concerned with the treatment of animals, particularly Factory Farming, so I became a vegetarian and in 2013 created 'Debbie Curtis' Big Band Aid & Debbie Curtis' Voices For Animals and recorded 2 tracks, one Big Band (Talk To The Animals )and one contemporary ( All The Same ) with over 30 stars from Music, Stage & Screen providing the vocals! The proceeds for VIVA! An International Voice For Animals' charity.

Over the years I have I have studied extensively in Music & Fine Art and I really enjoy drawing and painting for pleasure and people seem to like my pictures and cartoons! I have also studied The Psychology of Criminal Profiling, which has given me great food for thought when it comes to writing lyrics!

More recently I have been adding music for TV and Films into my workload, I spend a lot of time at Pinewood Studios and have co-produced and co-written the music for a comedy series pilot episode starring Warren Clarke entitled History Of The World and even managed to get Warren to sing the theme tune!

Debbie Curtis
Festival gig with Debbie Curtis & D-Ranged

Over time I've had the pleasure of working with lots of top UK and International artists, and as a musician, singer & Big Band Leader, I feel lucky!

I hope you enjoy the site, thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me anytime, I'd be happy to hear from you on any subject.

Oh, just one more thing, for the benefit of the UK National Media, who recently said I had been 'An Aspiring Model' back in the 1980s, this is totally incorrect, I have never been a model and I never aspired to be a model, I have always been a Musician, Singer, Songwriter & Music Arranger! Grrrrrrrr