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Your Name: Tommy
Your Comment: Debbie, Your show in aid of HCPT was fantastic. One of the best shows I have ever had the joy to experience. Thank you so much

Looks really good. Well done you!
chris Baker

Looks great.
Bob Kingsley

Wonderful cover!
Sophie Shaw

Hi Debbie 

It looks great 
Lynne x

Hi Debbie good luck with the record you have worked so hard kind regards keith ball .

Your Name: Magda Palmer Cordingley
Your Comment: Listening and watching makes me happy. Thank you Debbie, thank you Members of Radio Big Band.

Debbie Replies : Glad you like what we do,thank you for your appreciation! Debbie xx

Your Name: Dave Naylor
Your Comment: WOW!!! Loved it!! Any dates in Blackpool, Debbie?
What a trombone section!! More power to your elbow!

Debbie Replies :- Thanks Dave, glad you enjoy the bones, they are a good bunch of guys provided you cuff them to their chairs!!! No Blackpool plans at present, but if you know anyone who promotes there, nag them to book us!! Cheers, Debbie xx

Your Name: Norm Watson
Your Comment: God bless you, Debbie for keeping this music alive. My uncle Wes was stationed in England, during the war, before deploying to Normandy on D Day. He's told me many stories, but it was clear, even to me, as a little kid, that he was holding back far more. God really was on our side.


Clearlake, California

Your Name: Jackie Brewer
Your Comment: Hi Debbie.Just to say that it was great to chat to you and Alan Harbud last night after we had stopped for a drink in The Mulberry Bush.Myself and Jane have been looking on your website all night and can't wait to get your news letter. Love your music. Jackie.

Your Name: ken forrester
Your Comment: I love big band music, and your music is just what i like since the 1940s. Come to Scotland some time, there is a lot of big band fans here.

"I could listen to this band playing
every night for the rest of my life"
Guernsey Audience Member to the promoter

Hi Debbie,
Wendy and myself saw you for the first time yesterday at Redhill
Surrey. We were really impressed by your enthusiasm, energy and love for what you do. The band were terrific great players. We sat this morning reading your souvenir program it is a mind of information and shows a lovely personal touch with your family photo's.
I am on your mailing list for future gigs and hope you might come to Eastbourne some time as I know you would go down really well there.
Once again we had a great night and thanks foe the kind remarks you wrote on our program.
Mike and Wendy Jeffs

Your Name: Ron Byford
Your Comment: My wife & I traveled from Swindon to Redhill Harlequin Theatre, on Thursday 30/4/09 to see the band. We had a great night’s entainment well worth the ride

Saw you at Oswaltwistle ............BRILLIANT!!

Mike Freeman

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for another great evening on Saturday!  Anthony and I had a wonderful time and enjoyed it enormously.  It was great saying hello to you face-to-face, and I am looking forward to seeing the photographs! 
Thanks also for the CD, and look forward to seeing you again real soon!
Linda xx  

Hi Debbie and Band, Just to say we really enjoyed your gig last night in Oswaldtwistle, very entertaining, great dancers and a great guest singer Iain Ewing. I wanted to say hello, but was chatting to Iain at the end of the performance, so I missed you- maybe next time.
Best wishes, Dave Bradley

Your Name: Phil Russell
Your Comment: Superb night at Ossy last night, very professional , great fun

Your Name: Jim Quincey
Your Comment: Great show last night (14.03.09) at Oswaldtwistle.
(How did you manage to find it ?? ). Good to see my old pal Bob Cutting in action.Still blowing up a storm.

Thank you for visiting oswaldtwistle and providing a fabulous evening of 'big band' music, please arrange a return visit to lancashire  soon.
Milly Lamb

Your Name: carol Smith
Your Comment: Last nights performance was great! We saw you at the palace theatre, look forward to more! please..we are only in our very early 50s and love the music....

Currently aboard the Norwegin Gem...they could use you
Ralph Matteo

I was recently at your Truro show, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
A Greenaway

Hey – that was one of the greatest nights I have ever been to. Thank you so much all of you for putting so much effort into the presentation when it must have been almost impossible for you on the night with the difficulties you had to face.

Greatest musicians, unafraid to go, to blow, and I was back dancing to Joe Loss, Ted Heath, Johnny Dankworth, Vic Lewis, Geraldo (Freddy Clayton was an old chum of mine) not forgetting Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight.

                    Bless you my dear and all your lovely musicians. Most impressive.

            Come back. Come back. Better still send me your itinerary. I travel

            Love you for coming.

            Love you for being there.

            Great music.

            Great musicians, dancers, great entertainment but who was that woman announcing ./?@2

Love Ken xx

Saw your Myspace bulletin and thought we'd come along and check you out at Hall For Cornwall, it was great, what a show, really different and we enjoyed every minute! We'll be back!
John Turner

Thank you to Debbie and the band for the most fantastic night out on Saturday at Hall for Cornwall. It was our first time seeing the Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band and it was brilliant. We have to say that as long time admirers and concert goers of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra we were amazed that you completely blew SLO away, that is some achievement. It was a wonderful show and the dancers and other characters made it a real entertainment treat! Thank you and please come back to Cornwall soon!
Cynthia West

Mabel and Jon Hamilton had an absolutely fantastic evening with Ali and Ian at the Hall for Cornwall on Saturday Night! They were looking forward to the evening as John knew about Eddie Curtis and the evening exceeded all their expectations. They absolutely loved the music and thought the dancers and costumes were brilliant! Thanks to Debbie and the band for a superb evening out.


such energy!

It was fantastic.

Gosh Eddie would have been proud of you. Oh what memories it brought back.

Tony Rundle also greatly impressed.

 Our love to you,

Peter and Eileen Moreton

Well, we did make it to the Palladium: The band was great, and it was an unexpected bonus that Ian was there too. Keep it up, and we look forward to seeing you again before too long. Thank You.

David Hutton

Hello debbie and your fantasic band!

thanks for a very enjoyable evening - much laughter and top fun. Great drum solo and Iain Ewing was a fantastic singer. Keep up the energy and the wackyness. From Conrad, Emma, Linda and Neil x

Swinging the Blues!

I never felt more like swinging the blues,

I never thought, I'd ever lose those feelings,

Why'd you do me this way?

I never felt more like jiving all night,

Nothing is wrong, everything's right - with you,

You got me Swinging the Blues!

The moon and stars come out to shine,

The love is back I knew was mine,

Nothing left for me to do -

But smile, smile, smile, smile over you.

I never felt more like coming out to play,

Why should I go?

I wanna stay, beside you,

You got me Swinging the Blues!

(With grateful thanks to Debbie Curtis and the Radio Big Band and apologies to Tommy Steele!)

Hey Debbie
You Guys Really Rock!!!! Sorry Swing
B____y Brilliant, Do It Again, Do It Again!!!
Im still jiving in the memory of the best gig I've been to in years!!!
Terry Gibbons

Excellent night, thank you, Loved Corey, What a Find Debbie, You sure do know how to find them, I was there last year when your last great find Iain debuted, keep swinging girl! You're the future of swing!
Janet Harding

"Another FAB night on Sunday at the London Palladium, thanks Debbie! Look forward to seeing you all again real soon.

Linda xx"

"Hi Debbie.

Great show on Sunday. It was nice to see you perform live for first time. Hopefully we'll be able to work together in the not-to-distant future.

Jamie Frasier"

Hello Debbie and Everyone
Loved Corey Conradi, please have him back another time. Great show as you always do although it gets more exciting every time. Corey had me in stitches with his fake Norwegian accent at the start, brilliant gag, fooled everyone. Your biggest fan in the world!
Sarah Bartlett

Debbie and to all concerned, thank you so much for a wonderful evening

on Sunday.

           So great to hear a big band sound.

Anne Greenslade.

Hi there,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the show last Sunday at the London Palladium. Please send my thanks and my congratulations to Debbie, her Big Band and the dancers as well… that was such a wonderful experience to be there, everything was fine and the music so powerful. I just wanted to take my hat off to all of you…

Best of luck for the future and many thanks again,

Florent Deroullede

We thought the show was fantastic, Well done Debbie Curtis, Well done Corey Conradi, Well done Iain Ewing, Well done band, Well done dancers, Well done actors. Well done everyone. Brilliant evening!

Tony Burness & Jane Cooper

''The Debbie Curtis Big Band performance was unique and fantastic,

the Big band really is a Big Band, one to watch out for''.

Richard Anderson

Breakfast Show Presenter

Liberty Radio

I just wanted to say we really enjoyed the show on Sunday. We loved Debbie’s energy and the band was just awesome (and I don’t even like Jazz!!). My partner enjoyed every second of it and we wanted to thank you for the opportunity. Also, one part of the show which we both thought was great was the dancing and all the extra “characters”, as it made it the whole show more interesting than if it was just the band playing. Corey Conradi had a really nice voice and was quite witty.

Please give our thanks to Debbie and wish her good luck with future performances.

All the best

Morgana Fulcheri

Thanks for another great night at the palladium. we were there last year, great to see the fabulous geoff on piano, and lovely to hear ian again, he's a proper crooner. the band really are something special, but you know that!

Kate Shaw

Hi Debbie and Co!

I thought that I would thank-you for a terrific night at the Palladium – we all really enjoyed the show and shall be followers now!

Thank-you again and enjoy your recovery

Anna & Matt Quick

Last nights how at the palladium was the first time i have seen you. It was a terrific show and my family and i thoroughly enjoyed a great performance. Well done, all of you.

Derek Cottey

Well what a night! Jackie and myself would like to thank you and your Band for a very enjoyable night at the Palladium.We have now been to 3 of "your nights" and enjoyed them all. Just a pity that we were not able to see a little more of Ian, he is such a great performer. Anyway thanks. Really great

Steve & Jackie Summerley

Hi Debbie

My friend Patrick Lunt  told me about your concerts... so a group of us came along to the Palladium last night...and we had an absolutely fabulous evening. Thank you so much for a great evening out.

Chris Doggett

Hello Debbie and band, great idea this comments page, thank you for Sunday, it was amazing, my husband and two children also went and are now Big Band fans!!! We thought Mr Conradi was very very smooth and clearly very talented. We enjoyed everything about it, it was so exciting!
Deborah Reynolds

A really big thank you for last night's wonderful performance at The London Palladium, it was fantastic!

Heather & Derek Hollamby

Hi Debbie et al,

Just  a quick e-mail to say thank you so much for a great performance at The London Palladium last night.

It was the 1st time we had seen the band live and we were very impressed with the whole show.  

We all arrived at 5pm as arranged and managed to dance at the Palladium entrance and hope we added something to the atmosphere.

Thanks again

Grahame & Lyn Quigley

Just to thank you for the opportunity to listen to the band last night.

It was wonderful and we really had a great time.

All of them were excellent performers.

Janaki Mahendran

Just to say 'thank you' once again for a very enjoyable evening at the London Palladium last night.  Debbie was great as usual, and the Band sweet, sweet perfection!  Iain sang my kind of songs just the way I like to hear 'em sung!  With elan and a dash of professional flair.

The dancers were super, but would like to give a special mention to Victoria and James who I spoke to in the bar, and afterwards.  Their own version of 'Lindy Hop' - more true to the '40's style and 'freestyle' interpreting the music as they went along - was truly inspired.  And they asked me to ask Debbie for the chance to dance - some more!  And I am doing so with much pleasure.!  As for the inclusion at the opening of the show with line dancing! Great!  All dancing goes well with Debbie's music, but the real stars of the night - were Debbie and her amazing musicians.  What stars!  Well done!

Best as always,

Linda x

A big thank you for such a wonderful evening! 

We’ll certainly be returning again to see the band.

Kalok Bonar

I just wanted to say thank you for last nights show.  The band itself was absolutely fantastic, really really amazing.

Kind regards

Louise Delany

Good morning

Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for last nights show at the London Palladium, the drum solo was fantastic.


Paul Lomas

Hi Debbie, 


I thought you and the band were brilliant

Very best


Dear Debbie

I had to write to thank you for the opportunity to see your band Sunday night; it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Kind regards

Brian Paice

Debbie Curtis is a fantastic and energetic entertainer and band leader. The band is fantastic, the performance very entertaining and we have a very enjoyable evening at the Palladium despite the weather.

Very best regards

Mr C H Kim


Just to say thank you very much -I had a GREAT time.

Many thanks,

Rachael Willis Fleming

A big thank you for a wonderful show.


Great Show, really enjoyed it, Debbie is an amazing character and the band fantastic. Corey Conradi was superb as was Ian Ewing. We thought the dancers and re-enacters were a great feature of the concert and can see now why you call it a show, not just a concert. Brilliant night.
John & Georgina Elmwood

Thanks for a fantastic show, I took my daughter and we had a great time (but couldn’t get tunes out of our heads and we kept singing and humming in the tube on the way home).


Dear Debbie

Everybody enjoyed the show very much.


Sally Ainsworth


Not long home from the fabulous performance this evening at the London Palladium. Wow what a night.!!!

Myself and friends want to say a huge thank you. We will be looking out to see if you have any performances near enough for us to visit again.

Regards Sheila Ambrose

Brilliant night at the Palladium. Will be looking out for further performances. Brenda

Really enjoyed the show.

Many thanks.

Les Elliott 


The show from BBC Radio Hereford on Sunday was received ok here in Weston-super-mare. I was greatly impressed.

Eric Sanders


Would just like to say thank you! 
We went along to the Beck Theatre and saw the show, which was great!  This is the sort of music that my mum grew up on and loves to this day!  I can see why now!

Well done Debbie and the band!  We wish them every success in the rest of the tour and am sure that they will have a whole new fan base following, if they carry on the way they are going!

Thanks again.

John and Maureen

What a great concert last night!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself as did everyone else in the audience.  It was good to chat with some of the  people in the show - they were all very friendly.
Thank you for inviting me.  Your kindness is much appreciated.  Thanks also to Stuart and I hope he got home safely.
Hope to see you at Coda Club when you can make it.
Thanks again - you are lovely people.

Just a quick note to thank you for last night’s concert.  I really enjoyed it and I have to say that the band played better than ever..tuning, intonation, timing etc to a very high standard. Peanut Vendor is NOT an easy piece and it really worked well! Above all, though, the band really swung!!!  Well done!

Best regards

John Marchant

Thank you for a really enjoyable show at the Beck.   I hope you will play there again before too long.
Best wishes for the Palladium concert.   I hope we'll be able to be there, which will bring back memories of the Ted Heath Sunday Sessions, especially if you include lots of Heath numbers.

David Hutton

Better late than never! from your number 1 fan ,What can i say A FAIR COP!
John Brighton

I really enjoyed Her Majesty's show, I wish I had gone to the Palladium one as well. I gather you're back at the Palladium in 2008, I definately will not miss that one!
Steven Donnelly

It was a great show, we look forward to the next one, you really are the best in the UK, no doubt about that.
Robert & Janice Parnham
We thoroughly enjoyed Sunday night, your show is so refreshingly different from the other Big Bands around. Please keep the shows coming, we'll be there.
John & Jane Lucas

Last night, we went to the show at Her Majesty's theatre and it was brilliant! In the show, you mentioned that you wanted to bring the music to young people.  We went there with our 3 kids, aged 8, 10 & 13, because the youngest and his Dad have both started trumpet lessons.  They thought the show was amazing and their only complaint was that you didn't play "Little Brown Jug" because that's their homework for this week and they wanted to hear it played properly! We'll definitely go to more of your shows!
Helen Robinson Povey

I loved the music last night and will be featuring Hot toddy on my show as simply instrumental tonight.Sorry I couldn't stay on to meet you but had to dash for the train,Lots of love and keep me posted about your sunday swing evenings
Sue Marchant
BBC Northampton

"Thank you, we really enjoyed the show at Her Majesty's theatre on sunday night. I even managed to catch you and the Jive Aces live on the radio on the drive home back to Brighton ! Keep up the good work."
Brighton Jive

"Great Show on Sunday Debbie as always!! Thanks Hxx"

Thank you Debbie and team for yet another wonderful night of swing, we really enjoyed it and can't wait for another Sunday Night Swing Session
John & Val Pearce

Brilliant night, loved the show. Excellent Band as always. You are the best.
Dave Knightly

HI Debbie, just to say thanks for a wonderful evening last night, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Kieran & Sandra Shortall

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the tickets to last night's show - it was wonderful!. We all really enjoyed it - even my 10 year-old son was tapping his feet and he was very impressed, as indeed we all were, by the amazing dancers. The sound problems must have been frustrating for Debbie but she kept going brilliantly and Ziggie looks set to be a big star! Ian Ewing was a fantastic find - if you don't mind I'll mention him to our sister paper The Sunday Post who might be interested in doing something on him.
I hope the band continues to enjoy the success it really deserves, I'll keep in touch with what's going on via the newsletter and perhaps we could do another feature in the future.
Best wishes,
Helen Newman

"heard you last night on the radio, very good it was to"

Well done Debs! Will we get to hear you out here in New Zealand?
Evelyn Williamson
Discussions under way for the USA, but not New Zealand at present, we'd love to come there, nag a promoter to book us!
Great to see Ian hitting the boards of the Palladium, he will be performing at our fundraiser in Paisley on 3rd November with Brass Impact Big Band, he is awsome!
Jack Gowan

I'm really looking forward to seeing the band again on Sunday at Oxford, it'll be a great day I'm sure. Thank You
Dave Barton
Good feature of the site this, I really enjoy your web and its brilliant that we can have our say as your audience. Great work Debbie and team, couldn't make the Palladium but my friends went and had the best night ever, made me very jealous that I missed it.
Jenny Wright
Great website, really interesting to explore and the pictures and music are excellent.
John Priest
What a fantastic evening, we are all still talking about it. Debbie really makes the band swing and John Miller and Iain gave us all a vocal treat! The spiv was a hoot and straight from the forties - superb!!! can't wait till the next one !
Richard & Sandra Bowman
I've been to hundreds of Big Band shows, this was the best I have ever seen, thank you for a fantastic evening of entertainment.
Dee Williamson
Better than any band I have ever seen!
Jerry Hjert
Loved the show! Had a brilliant night, John Miller was excellent!
Hannah & Lauren
Simply Marvellous!! I do hope you will make this a regular thing!!
Helen Clough
It was Awesome!
Tony B
The five hour drive from Louth, Lincolnshire for the London Palladium concert was well worth it. The band were on top-form, and the musicians are all top-rate professionals. John and Debbie make a good team, and we hope to see the band go from strength to strength.
Angela & Peter Pearce

We thoroughly enjoyed it, Glenn Miller's nephew was great and the guy who came down from Scotland was terrific.
Chris Tarrant

It was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was electric and the audience was totally wow'd. All walks of life were in the audience and everyone was blown away by the talent and professionalism in the whole big band that you have recreated. You managed to keep the whole thing glued together as MD brilliantly - the re-enactors kept the mood in the place it was meant to be and it was great watching all the jitter bug and jive dancing going on to exceptional live music. The evening made a whole lot of people very very happy! Bravo Debbie Curtis - BRAVO!! 
Richard and Kim Dubovie


Excellent show on Sunday night
It was a last minute decision to attend, as I had cancelled going to an outdoor concert, and I am so pleased I went.

Wendy Barford


Myself and staff came and had a great time.

John Bailie


FANTASTIC…a really great night!

You and your band were great, John Miller was excellent, Iain Ewing an absolute find.

Hobson’s Choice turned an already great concert into a really great event.

John Marchant



The Palladium was great. Looking forward to seeing you again...very soon I hope



I was at the Palladium -  brilliant!

Ted Trott


Let me say how much I enjoyed Sunday at the London Palladium. I tapped my feet from the beginning and was one of those in the aisles and then up on stage, I am now truly hooked!

Michelle Simpson


Thanks for a great night at The Palladium.

Kevin Fraine


I had a fabulous time with my friend!

John Miller, the dancers and spiv, outfits and other characters really made the evening entertaining too!

Hannah Northedge



Thanks for a great show at the LP last night. Great programme including the variety of arrangements.   Band sounded great, a sparkling sax section! and the tightest bones we’ve heard for a long time!  And as for Leave us leap……wow! 

Bridget Forward


What can we say but FANTASTIC !!  A wonderful night and we will tell all our friends to get along to the next shows !!

Brian & Heather Hill


Congratulations!...... Great Show!........Great Achievment!........

Sally Dinning


Well done, you can all be proud!
Chris Mould

Congratulations on bringing Swing back to the Palladium
Cynthia Boswell

Just wanted to say "Bloody fantastic Night" Well done!
Mike Crow

What a fantastic show last night, it was really brilliant! John Miller has a beautiful voice and also your guest singer was excellent!
Heather Hollamby